Post Stroke Depression Therapy

Simply put, a stroke occurs when the blood flow to part of the brain is cut off. Melissa Cutler’s Toronto Post Stroke Depression therapy can help rebuild the lives shattered by a stroke with counselling and therapy sessions. When brain cells don’t get the oxygen they need they wind up dying. Because this is an issue that affects many Canadians every year, it’s also important to understand and be able to identify the symptoms like sudden weakness in the arms or face and sudden confusion or inability to speak properly.

Therapy, Education, and Counselling

However, even after a stroke some of the physical limitations and changes in lifestyle, social roles can create a new set of issues and challenges that are best processed with a skilled therapist through supportive counselling and therapy. When you or a member of your family has been victimized by a stroke, getting the proper care immediately is only one part of the equation for a successful recovery. Melissa Cutler is a trained social worker with the credentials that put her in a unique position to help stroke survivors and their loved ones and caregivers put their psychological, social, and emotional lives back together.

Unique Post Stroke Depression Therapy

Her unique Toronto post stroke therapy meshes compassion and clarity with evidence based options. She is well aware of the fact that strokes effects people in different ways and that’s why her therapeutic approach is always tailor-made and unique to individual circumstances.

The mental health, psychological recovery process that Melissa champions is always about the emotional journey of stroke recovery and making sure that every survivor establishes a “new normal” and whereby the stroke does not define the individual. There are a wide range of emotions that people may undergo after suffering a stroke and these can include frustration, sadness and a sense of profound confusion over the new lifestyle changes.

Living with Depression

Living with depression after a stroke can be helped immensely by the modern and innovative therapeutic options that Melissa Cutler offers in her Toronto, Ontario office. She understands that emotional health is just as important as physical well-being after what are commonly referred to as brain attacks. It’s a well-documented fact that untreated emotional problems that follow after a stroke can slow down physical recovery if left unattended.

Melissa Cutler’s Toronto post stroke counselling therapy options are backed by her 20 years of both clinical and research experience in a variety of different settings including community and hospital facilities. She approaches her client’s needs with a variety of the latest innovative solutions in the field and she can help rebuild a life that has been knocked off course by one of these physical ailments with professional counselling.