Post Trauma Counselling

The kind of psychological trauma that people experience is unique to every individual and that’s why Melissa Cutler’s 20 years of experience in the therapy field involves compassion and an evidenced-based approach that is unique to each individual patient.

Very often traumatic health events affect people differently and quite often the psychological issues take weeks, months or even years to surface.

Putting a life back together after a complex health related traumatic event means looking after the physical aspects as well as the emotional ones. Toronto post trauma counselling through Melissa Cutler offers a unique and individual approach designed to help heal those wounds that don’t always show up on an x-ray or can be bandaged.

Melissa Cutler has been involved with Toronto post trauma counselling for two decades and in that time she’s worked in a variety of settings including community and hospital facilities. She has a professional knowledge of the kind of recovery techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that can make a big difference for people suffering from post trauma emotional issues.

She is dedicated to helping each and every one of her clients with an individual and tailor-made approach to therapy designed to help them become more resilient and gain insight into their condition simultaneously. For with post trauma counselling in Toronto please contact Melissa Cutler today.