Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy

A Toronto traumatic brain injury can be devastating on several different fronts. It’s the control centre for your body and responsible for everything from eating and breathing to walking and talking. Falls, violent acts, vehicle accidents and sports injuries are the most common causes of these traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and many people report feelings of inadequacy and depression long after they’ve made physical headway in their recovery.

Melissa Cutler is an expert at helping these kinds of patients people adjust and find their place at home, at work, in relationships and society again. Her twenty years of clinical, research and counselling experience works to help clients and their loved ones get through uncertain mental, emotional and psychological periods after brain injury, stroke and concussion.

Range of Therapy Services

She provides a wide range of therapy services including counselling, group facilitation, consulting and training to individuals as well as in organizational settings. Melissa uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) among other techniques to help people cope with the hard to deal with emotions that can arise as a result of a Toronto brain injury. Melissa educates her clients to build skills in areas such as: stress management, sleep hygiene, and chronic pain management to improve quality of life after a brain injury.

The emotional liability or mood swings that often has people swinging from one state to another after a TBI is caused when the particular part of the brain that regulates these emotions is damaged as an after effect of slowly coming to terms with a set of new realities. Family members can quite often be confused because there doesn’t seem to be any specific trigger or warning for these emotional events. This change can often be isolating for survivors and their loved ones.

Melissa’s comprehensive brain injury, stroke, and concussion recovery tools include techniques that can help people suffering through a TBI with the kind of difficulty in reasoning and concentration that can make it harder for them to solve problems which triggers anxiety, depression, and a diminished identity and self-esteem.

Caregiver Therapy

Another one of her areas of expertise deals with caregiver stress and burnout which is common for friends and family members who are dealing with a person who suffers the after effects of a TBI and other significant complex health events. Her services center around a collaborative focal point that helps her to better understand individual needs and concerns. Melissa’s stated goal is to help clients adjust to the emotional, behavioural and psychosocial challenges that are keeping a survivor or a loved one from functioning and feeling their best.

A Toronto brain injury can have lasting effects beyond any kind of physical impairment. Melissa Cutler can help an individual, family or organization understand how to improve life and live it to the fullest. For more information on Toronto traumatic brain injury therapy contact Melissa today.